I do not make Gospel music...

...the Gospel makes music in me.


I find it interesting how people are so quick to label. We tend to quantify things so readily into neat, tidy little boxes so we can define them. But in our attempts to understand things many times we dilute them by reducing them to narrow minded opinion's or hasty conclusion's never really grasping their true meaning. We love to segment and compartmentalize.

This most definitely applies to the world of music. We herd musicians and artists into tidy neat little groups called genre's. While I understand the concept and am not anti-genre or style by any means, I do however, think some leverage should be given to musicains who don't want to make genre's, but want to make music.

I have sung, played and written what is traditionally called Gospel, Christian, CCM and worship music my entire career as a musician. I have also written music that would not be considered "Christian" music as well. I've written about my life as a human being. My life and experiences as a father, husband, a son. My struggles and failures, my triumphs and successes. Many of which do not have the traditional stock Christian lyrics in them. Does that make them less christian?

I am not a Christian musician. I am a Christian who happens to be a musician. I do not make christian music. I am a Christian who happens to make music. I do not make worship music. All my music is worship. I do not make Gospel music...the Gospel makes music in me.

So, If you are a musician, of any background, let me encourage you, make your music. Not style or genre's. That happens naturally. Just make the music that you are hearing. That melody that is fluttering in your heart. That rhythm that keeps taking over your feet. Those lyrics that won't leave your head. Make it. Play it. Write it! Somebody needs to hear it.